"One-on-One Doubles Tennis is the game our nation's youth needs to play. It develops the many abandoned fundamentals that are critical to getting players to the top levels of the game."
- Chuck Kriese, Head Men's Tennis Coach, Clemson University (USPTA and ITA National Coach-of-the-Year Award Winner)

"The skills involved in One-on-One Doubles Tennis are critical to the development of today's top players. Just as importantly, they are fun to execute by players at any level."
- Dick Gould, Tennis Director, Stanford University & ITA Coach of the Decade 1980s & 1990s

"One-on-One Doubles Tennis is a fun, fast-action game that is totally different than playing singles. Playing this game makes you a better, well-rounded player."
- Ken Flach, Head Men's Tennis Coach, Vanderbilt University & Former #1 ATP Tour Doubles Player

"One-on-One Doubles Tennis will infuse passion back into doubles and serve and volley play. It's a return to the glory days of our sport -- an avenue for junior, college, and recreational players to embrace the tactical advantages of attacking the net and serve-and-volleying."
- Billy Pate, Head Men's Coach, University of Alabama

"Playing one-on-one doubles tennis helped the Bryan Brothers with the timing and technique of their split step, first volley, and the variety of shots needed to be great doubles players."
- John Whitlinger, Head Coach at Stanford University and Former Top 25 ATP Tour Doubles Player

"The best innovation in tennis since the advent of the tiebreaker."
- Ira Miller, Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach, Fairleigh Dickinson University

"One-On-One Doubles Tennis could be the next big thing in the tennis world. I use one-on-one doubles tennis with my team and it has made them better doubles players and multi-dimensional singles players."
- Tim Gray, Head Women's Coach, Auburn University

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