"One-On-One Doubles Tennis is the best innovation in tennis since the advent of the tiebreaker." - Ira Miller, Head Men's & Women's Tennis Coach, Fairleigh Dickinson University
"Playing one-on-one doubles tennis is a sure-fire way to get the girls' serve-and-volley skills better for college tennis!" - Dave Borelli, Head Men's Tennis Coach at Texas Christian University and Winner of 7 National Collegiate Women's Team Championships at USC
Develop True All-Court Confidence

One-on-One Doubles Tennis DVD & Video showcases and teaches an innovative tennis game designed to improve a player's all-court skills. One-On-One Doubles Tennis is the game that many ATP professionals play to prepare for their doubles tournaments. One-On-One Doubles Tennis is the game that many top college teams use to build serve-and-volley skills. Master the skills and strategy of the half-court, serve-and-volley singles game by playing One-on-One Doubles Tennis! Coach Krass, along with top college coaches and national tournament champions, showcase the instruction and point play on this exciting new video.
To buy the DVD, send $24 ($20.00 plus $4.05 shipping) with mailing information to:

One-On-One Doubles, Inc.
1626 Portsmouth Lake Dr.
Brandon, Fl. 33511.
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