Coach Ed Krass launches "One-on-One Doubles" Tournaments at the Collegiate Level
Coach Ed Krass, Director of the College Tennis Academy, is integrating his new game of "One-on-One Doubles" into two Fall of 2005 Collegiate tournaments.

One-on-One Doubles is a half-court, serve-and-volley competition that is played crosscourt with the alley included. Players must serve-and-volley on both the first and second serves. Dick Gould, the legendary Tennis Director from Stanford University said, "The skills involved in Ed Krass's "One-on-One Doubles" are critical to the development of today's top players. Just as importantly, they are fun to execute by players at any level."

On April 5, Ira Miller, former Head Men's and Women's Coach at Drew University, hosted the first ever collegiate "One-on-One Doubles" tournament. "One-on-One Doubles provided a great opportunity to play a lot of matches that worked on doubles skills, but had the feel of singles play," said Coach Ira Miller. "The exhibition event allowed for a very fan-friendly day, with music playing, a dance performance, and a fast serve contest for spectators. Most significantly, as the tournament went on, the players got better and better at skills some quite often avoid -- feeling confident at the net and their ability to move forward. The response from players and coaches was overwhelmingly positive."

Coach Krass and J. Webb Horton, Head Men's Tennis Coach at Florida Gulf Coast University, will be directing the Florida Collegiate Singles and One-on-One Doubles Championships September 9-11 at Florida Gulf Coast University in Ft. Myers, FL. Krass also will help Billy Pate, Head Men's Coach at the University of Alabama, conduct a "One-on-One Doubles" tournament as part of the Crimson Tide Fall Championships September 16-18 at the University of Alabama.

Krass conducted the ITA Coaches Convention Prize Money Tournament, in December at the Doral Golf and Tennis Center in Miami, using the "One-on-One Doubles" format.

On May 20, Krass conducted a "One-on-One Doubles" Prize Money Tournament and gave an instructional clinic for the USPTA New England Convention at the Sugarbush Resort in Warren, VT.

"One-on-One Doubles brings the spirit of the serve-and-volley back into the world of competitive tennis. It gives players a chance to showcase all of the game's shots," said Coach Ed Krass. "It's exciting to play and watch One-on-One Doubles."
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