One-on-One Doubles® Tennis is the first alternative, competitive format to singles and doubles since the inception of the game in the 1870s. One-0n-One Doubles Tennis is a half-court, serve-and-volley singles competition played on a doubles court. One-on-One Doubles Tennis can be played in both tournament and league format.

The half-court, serve-and-volley singles game played on the doubles court, known as One-on-One Doubles Tennis, is strictly a crosscourt competition with new game dimensions. There is a divisible line drawn through the middle of the court from the center service line to the middle of the baseline. On clay, one can use a regular court liner to make this divisible line through the middle. On hard courts, one can use chalk or white athletic/trainers' tape to mark off the middle line.
The rules of One-on-One Doubles Tennis are to play a match (8 game set, 10 game set, or 2/3 sets) where players alternate points from the deuce court to the ad court. All points are played crosscourt with the alley included. All players must serve and volley on both first and second serves (serve and volley is OPTIONAL for players 60 years and up). Half-volleys are permitted. The returner can stay back or come into the net.
This very competitive game is designed for club play, junior tennis, college tennis, senior tennis, and league tennis. One-on-One Doubles Tennis will reveal who the best individual players are with their serve and volley and all-court doubles skills. One-on-One Doubles Tennis allows players to hit all of the game's shots: The serve, return, first volley, half-volley, drop volley, lob, overhead and groundstrokes.
One-on-One Doubles Tennis truly develops all-court confidence for today's competitive juniors. The game provides a competitive format of play combining both singles and doubles skills all within one game. The competitive boundaries for One-on-One Doubles Tennis is approximately 2/3 of a regular singles court, thus allowing for a high level of serve and volley success. One-on-One Doubles Tennis showcases the athleticism, talent and variety of each player. Play One-on-One Doubles Tennis!
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